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Lagria Roe Dry Wine

Rosé Dry Wine


Pafos P.G.I.

Abv 12,5%

Grape Varieties:  Made from the Ophthalmo grape variety.

Characteristics:  A pale salmon or even unripe strawberry colour, distinctive aromatic expression redolent of red fruit and mountain herbs. Great fullness, medium body, fleshy and round on the palate, extends well and modest berry fruit, framboise, strawberry and red cherry at its heart with crushed herbs and some elements of minerality. There is a mineral clarity and a firm acidity which ensures an intense finish. This is a well - made wine with a classic red rose’ style.

Food pairing:  Delicious with lamb curry, poultry in cream sauce, bouillabaisse, paella, Asian cuisine, goat cheeses.

“ Vines lulled into dormancy by winter, would soon be pruned.”

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