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“Spring and the long summer, where the sun would warm and ripen the young fruit. The anticipation for one more harvest.”

White Dry Wine


Pafos P.G.I.
Abv 12,5%

Grape Varieties:  Mostly from Xynisteri with an addition of Mavro as Blanc de noir ( white wine from black grape) which gives the wine a more complex taste that is crisp and vibrant.

Colour:  It has a beige and pale copper colour with some pink tinges around the edges.

Characteristics:  The aroma of this wine is medium but some nice fruit aromas could definitely be detected – mostly herbs, unripe strawberry and white cherry with the botanical characteristics of Xynisteri evident. The primary flavours are citrus lemon, white cherry and current.

Food pairing: On the palate it is fairly dry, has moderate flavor intensity and a lively acidity that allows pairing with a wide variety of foods. The smooth, clean finish also helps make this a versatile white wine for meze.

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