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“I have lived in Cyprus for 12years and during that time I visited many wineries to both taste and buy local wines. As a red wine consumer the best Cabernet I have tried comes from Lagria winery. Their three reds are all good but the Cabernet Sauvignon is tops. If you want to sample the wine with home cooked Cypriot food, go for Sunday Lunch to Lagria Tavern.”



“Lovely accommodation in centre of authentic unspoilt village with all conveniences, including  jacuzzi in yard. Nice courtyard with mountain views from garden and friendly neighbours.”



“We visited Salamiou in September last year and had the most wonderful holiday experience. My sister and I have visited Cyprus with family many times but this village is a breath of fresh air. Traditional architecture and a warm welcome from the delightful locals were waiting for us upon arrival. Salamiou is nestled in the mountains amongst stunning olive groves and mountain trails. There is so much to see nearby including a world heritage site monastery, delightful winery, amazing tavernas and Venetian Bridges to name a few things. Vas and her husband have lovingly restored so many aspects of this village to its original beauty, the gorgeous cottages are no exception. Our stay was relaxing and culturally fulfilling. The cottages are full of comfort but also tradition, they are cozy and yet you feel like you are stepping into a simpler, more gentle pace of life .If you want to unwind, I really can’t think of anywhere better.( I regularly think about enjoying a green tea in the hidden tree house). Our neighbor was delightful and made us feel se welcome, as did Vas and her family. I really can’t recommend visiting and staying a while in Salamiou enough, you need to see it to really understand this place. Thank you to everyone there for making us all so welcome!”


Went to Lagria with some friends. Ten of them were Italians. We had Sunday lunch and sampled the wine. Food very good and we all bought wine. Italians know their wine!

Yafa, Pissouri

Stayed at Vasso and Panayiotis's lovely cottage in Salamiou, can't recomend it enough. First, a photography exhibition in the village by the very talented Adonis, their cousin and graphic arts student . Then Sunset drive upto Moutti, favoured roost of vultures whose return is eagerly awaited by the locals, who expected them to fly down from their summer roost further uphill now that the winds have changed... Next, traditional Karagiozis show by the grandson of the legendary Paphios, with the play 'Karagiozis and the dragon' shouting 'He's there! There! Behind you!!!' The show was held in the wonderfully unique and historic 1960ties summer open air cinema , with stars twinkling above. Dinner cooked by Vasso , talk into the night and then to bed in one of the most sensitively restored and beautifully decorated cottages, slept in hand woven sheets, probably dowry from their grandmother. The cool evening breeze wafting through the Mulberry tree. French toast breakfast in the morning, quiet moment with tea and a book in the stone courtyard and then to Lakria winery ( Irene helped with label sticking shown how it's done by Melina, Yiorgos, Leo and Andrea, their four wonderful little kids) Then a chocholate cake picnic at Panayia tou Sindi monastery. Starkly beautiful , with a barrel drum supported dome , described by 1850 French Architectural Historian Camille Enlart as (quote from memory) a building which achieves its own as a true work worthy of a Cyprus school of architecture! Finally good byes, but not before being plied with their superb Commandaria, and one final treat from Vasso, taken to a culinary discovery in Juliette's hand-crafted chocolaterie in Paphos, only 15 minutes away, to taste exquisite chocolate bonbons , one with the particular Comanderia filling.... such a nuanced combination, to drool over. Irene's favourite were the violet scented cream bonbons...Felt so pampered and loved by my dear dear friends. Didn't manage to do the hot tub in the courtyard under the almond tree this time, or cycle to the Diarizzos, or have coffee with Kyriaki and Stelios with their cute donkey looking in through the window, the honey guy was also away, the mosphilo shrubs in the fields were loaded with fruit, but which will ripen in one months time... so many things to do in Salamiou!!!! Thanks a million Vasso and Panayioti, we definitely owe you❤️

                                      Sevina Floridou 20 August 2016


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