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The main aims of TERRACT! are to develop:-

  • Knowledge

  • Skills and

  • Attitude

of the students of architecture and civil engineering as well as people from all walks of life that are interested in actively experiencing a new form of tourism.

The use of activities and lectures aim to motivate and educate about traditional architecture and construction, especially Dry Stone Walls.

Problem based learning and active participation will increase awareness and encourages identity and value.

In order to achieve this our proposal has the following objectives:

  • To increase awareness about the various techniques and rules with regards to traditional Cypriot architecture and construction.

  • To encourage active participation in :-

  1. Rural activities,

  2. Maintenance of a part of heritage,

  3. Gain and understand all the positive effects of dry stone walls.

  • Understand the importance of the creation of a sustainable program to preserve knowledge of an ancient craft.

  • Linking all this with tourism provides a new and inventive form of tourism that will allow for cooperation and overlap with other countries world-wide and allows for continuity.

  • To raise the awareness of the benefits of learner centered approach (right brain and left brain learning) and problem based learning in educational activities. This, accompanied by active participation motivates the participants to use these skills in their work.

  • To develop, practice and evaluate tools and values which aim at enhancing feelings of ownership and  belonging to a part of a culture and society. To allow the participants a chance to explore what role they can play for the sustainability and transfer of knowledge of this nano niche market.  

  • To further mutual understanding, intercultural learning and dialogue between people of different backgrounds. To provide an opportunity for people to develop multiplying initiatives to be implemented in their respective countries.

  • To foster sustainable international co-operation and partnership building.

  • To share experiences and good practices of techniques and use of local materials.


Long term Goals

By fulfilling the main aims and objectives of this training course and initiating this form of tourism, it helps raise the quality of education, improves active participation of students and provide an opportunity for the introduction of an alternative, responsible tourism.


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